A Killer Converts to Islam—Really? I DOUBT That!

I read in the Washington Times yesterday that mass killer James Holmes has converted to Islam.  The reason?  Sources inside the jail he’s in in Colorado say he killed his victims in the Aurora theater as a “personal jihad.”  He now sports a full beard, eats a strict Muslim diet, prays 5 times a day, and studies the Qur’an for hours jail sources told the WT.  This conversion has not gone over well with his fellow Muslim inmates and I can’t imagine why not LOL.  Sorry but James Holmes is out to lunch and I for one do NOT believe he has converted to Islam in any way, shape, or form.  Why he is doing is attempting to use Islam to justify his mass murder last June at the theater in Colorado during the opening of the newest Batman movie.  Does this clown really think that people are going to buy this?  Does he honestly think he’s going to walk right out of jail by claiming he’s a Muslim who was on a “personal jihad” and get away with mass murder?  Sadly his “conversion” show just how depraved he is in his own mind.

Since he reportedly studies the Qur’an for hours daily I have a few verses and comments for him that he might not wish to miss in that Qur’an.  Here they are. Continue reading

Jihad: Terrorism is NOT Consistent with TRUE ISLAM!!

Interfaith2Terrorism is NOT consistent with true Islam.  No matter how one might try to spin it murder is wrong.  Murder is SIN!  I think there are a lot of people who have missed the point of Jihad (Holy War).  Muslims should defend their faith just as Jews and Christians should but NOT by employing murder and the slaughter of innocents.  When our faith is under attack then we should stand up, fight back, and defend it but NOT through the means of terrorism!

The term “Jihad” means “holy war” and more than a military or para-military operation there is a greater and truer meaning to “Jihad.”  Jihad is an inner struggle.  When we strive to overcome sin and to overcome our urges and desires then we are engaged in jihad.  The Apostle Paul spoke of this inner struggle (jihad) extensively in the Book of Romans.  He spoke of his “sinful self” and how it constantly fought within him and how quenching his desires that lead to sin were a constant inner jihad.  The Qur’an also speaks of this inner struggle (jihad) and teaches that it is the obligation of every believer to fight against one’s “sinful self” as Paul called it. Continue reading

Stopping Radicalism: My ideas

I heard someone say the other day that we need to find a way to get people to stop turning to radical Islam but they had no idea how to do that.  I do!  First and foremost it must be understood clearly that what is being called “radical Islam” is a political agenda and not Islam at all.  The radicals are promoting a political agenda and NOT an Islamic agenda!  There must be a separation between the two because they are not one in the same.  These radicals with their political agenda have hijacked Islam and they are using the religion as a cover like wolves in sheep’s clothing.  So the first step in getting people to stop joining the ranks of the radicals is to educate them and get them to see that what the radicals call “Islam” is not ISLAM at all but it is a political agenda hiding under the guise of TRUE ISLAM!

Any religion can be conceived as horrible.  When we look at Christianity, for example, we can see the horrors committed during the 300 year Spanish Inquisition and the wholesale slaughter of the Native Americans OR we can see the beauty in the teachings of Christ the Peacemaker and Wise Teacher who honors life everlasting.  It is the same with Islam.  We can see the horrors being carried out by the radicals or we can see the beauty of the teachings of the Prophet Muhammid (pbuh) and the Holy Qur’an. All religions have a darkside and Islam is no exception.  We can focus on that darkside OR we can focus on the other side which contains light, wisdom, enlightenment, and great beauty and peace along with compassion and mercy.  So the next step in keeping people from joining the radicals would be to put the focus on the beautiful side of Islam not the darkside as it is now.  Rather than teaching injustice, terror, and murder the focus must be on the Quran’s teachings of mercy, compassion, peace, wisdom, and love. Continue reading