Our God is One!


“Do not argue with the People of Scripture (People of the Book) (Jews, Christians, & Muslims) except in the nicest possible manner unless they transgress, and say, We believe in what has been revealed to us and in what was revealed to you, and our God and your God are one and the same; to Him we are Submitters (Muslims).”

[Quran 29:46]

God Brings Peace and Security not Fear!


[Sura 24:55]  GOD promises those among you who believe and lead a righteous life, that He will make them sovereigns on earth, as He did for those before them, and will establish for them the religion He has chosen for them, and will substitute peace and security for them in place of fear. All this because they worship Me alone; they never set up any idols beside Me. Those who disbelieve after this are the truly wicked.

It is time for the God-fearing, silent majority of Muslims to speak up against the injustice done to true Islam, Submission to God’s will—the religion of strict monotheism: The religion of Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad and all messengers and believers.

(Source:  Submitters Perspective Newsletter, Masjid Tucson, April 2011, Vol 27, No. 4, Tucson, AZ, USA)





What a Mess!!

It’s been awhile since I posted and the world hasn’t gotten any better, sadly.  Radicals are still going to and fro doing whatever they want mistakenly thinking that they are not engaging in sin, people are still being killed and people are still killing themselves in the name of “Allah” and sadly they don’t even realize how misguided they truly are.  And then we have ISIS that has somehow managed to quickly become a well armed and well financed army declaring a Caliphate and, sadly, it appears that outright murder….no…slaughter is the more precise term I think is the name of THEIR game.  Christians and other religious minorities in the regions they control are systematically slaughtered like cattle and meanwhile the world basically turns a blind eye.  Yes the US and others are launching attacks against them and Jordan’s King Abdullah has called for an Islamic military response to put ISIS out of commission forever, but still, the responses are minimal at best.  I can’t help but wonder just who is really funding ISIS and just how they got so far, so quickly.  What they are doing, the acts they are committing are NOT TRUE ISLAM!  Murder, suicide, and the killing of the People of the Book (Christians, Jews, Muslims) are all SINS!  The self proclaimed Caliph of ISIS seems not to know this nor does he seem to care.  And the young who blindly follow him seem not to know the TRUTH of the Holy Qur’an but only listen to him and his perverted interpretation of Islam.  In my opinion that is nothing short of absolutely disgusting!

Young people are LOST today!  And it just isn’t those joining ISIS or other radical Muslim groups.  They are found in every country, every culture, and every religion and non-religion.  Somewhere along the lines the world has committed a gross disservice to our youth.  Somewhere along the line we FAILED to teach our youth proper respect for human life, compassion, mercy, and forgiveness.  And somewhere along the line we FAILED to inspire our youth to commit CREATIVE acts and avoid destructive acts!  Our youth are our future.  Judging from the state and mind of many youth today our future, the world’s future, is looking pretty horrid!!  Have we now succeeded in raising a generation of psychopaths?  What kind of future can psychopaths give us?

The hate, the killing, the suicides, the disrespect, the ignorance MUST STOP!  We have an absolute obligation to retrain and re-educate our youth in how to be productive members of human society.  We have an absolute obligation to teach our young men and boys how to be men who are men of integrity, wisdom, intelligence, moderation, and providers for their families.  It’s PAST time for the thug image to go!  A thug should NOT be the ideal for ANYONE!  We must teach our young males to be truly MASCULINE MEN who are strong in body, mind, and spirit so that they might become men who create rather than destroy and kill.  WE as the ADULTS of human society have these absolute obligations and if we continue to shun those obligations then we can only ensure that the state of the world will grow much worse than it is even now.

And the West?  Looks to me like the West is falling apart at the seams!  Tensions between non-Muslims and Muslim immigrants are rising rapidly especially in places like Germany, France, and the UK.  In the US racial tensions are rising rapidly as while cops kill black Americans who have committed crimes.  Now people are shooting cops and even killing cops as two were killed last week in NYC.  Cops now seem to be the designated enemy of some people, sadly.  This is insane!  Black youth in America continue to be lost just like White youth, Asian youth, Hispanic youth, and all other youth.  Don’t get me wrong.  There are MANY youth who are trying to do the right thing and become positive members of human society but there are some who have gone the opposite way and those are the lost ones that we must reach out to and change.

Hate is a horrible thing!  Hate only breeds more hate!  Hate is one of the doorways to insanity and that doorway opens rather quickly when we chose to hate.  Not only do black youths need positive role models but so do all other youth.  Skin color is irrelevant!  Youth of all skin colors are looking for guidance especially male youth who are thirsting for male guidance and positive male role models after whom they can model their own lives.  This is NOT A RACIAL ISSUE nor is it a RELIGIOUS ISSUE!!  We have turned our backs on our youth and it is to our own peril as is presently being demonstrated and witnessed all across this planet today!  We need to stop the hate!  We need to stop the racism!  We as a species SERIOUSLY need to see BEYOND the color of someone’s skin and MOVE ON!!

Youth today have been handed a rotten apple and I’ll be the first to admit that.  WE have made them feel unworthy of just about anything, insignificant, and unwanted.  We have made them feel like they are unimportant and not of any value.  Yet, we are shocked when we see them committing horrific crimes are our news channels?  What did we expect they would do or did we even consider the ramifications?

I hear a lot of people say the world needs to change.  Ok fine!  Who does that change begin with? Answer….YOU….US!!  It doesn’t start with Joe Blow down the street or sitting in city hall.  It starts with every one of us!  We need to teach our youth VALUES AND MORALS that are consistent with the value for ALL LIFE!  We must begin to inspire our youth to be more than they are and to be better as human beings and citizens.  We must teach our youth how to be creators and leaders instead of allowing them to become destroyers and blind followers of some lunatic ideology!  OUR YOUTH ARE IMPORTANT AND WE MUST SEE THEM AS IMPORTANT!!

I think about the current state of the world and, frankly, it makes me sick, literally.  We as a species have come to a very BAD place.  A place we should NOT be!  A place where Allah (God) does NOT wish us to be!  Allah respects our choices and if we chose to become lost and go astray He will respect that choice too EVEN if it means we obliterate ourselves and become an extinct species.  Stop sitting around waiting for someone to come save you!  No one is going to save any of us from our own selves.  Life is about CHOICES and we make choices all of the time, known and unknown.  And we either reap the fruits of those choices OR we pay the consequences of our choices.  Right now the world is paying the consequences for some very BAD choices we’ve made in the past.  But it is NOT TOO LATE to change it and start making NEW and better choices!

I’ll be perfectly honest with you.  Sometimes I get sick of religions!  Why?  Because religions have more blood on their hands than all human wars combined in human history.  That is a sad statement of FACT!  We all proclaim peace, love, compassion, forgiveness but where are our ACTIONS?  We can proclaim anything we want but the proof comes in our ACTIONS!  Life is not only about choices but life is also about ACTION.  We need to seriously practice what we proclaim and preach no matter what our religion is.

We live in some very sad times.  The human race is in great turmoil right now.  We are sitting around waiting for someone to save us but the ONLY one who is going to save us is US!!  Don’t you think it’s about time we get up off our collective ASSES and JUST DO IT?!!  If we don’t then we can look forward to an increasingly violent and hate filled world.  A world of darkness and outright evil.  I don’t know about you but I do NOT want to live in such a world!


A Disease Called Hate!

“O you who believe!  Stand out firmly for Allah as bearers of justice,
and let not hatred of others incite you to act wrongly or depart from justice.
Be just, that is next to piety and fear Allah,
for Allah is aware of all that you do.”
Sura  Ma’ida  5:8


Far too often we let hatred get the best of us and we end up doing things that we later regret and wish he had not done.  Hatred is a horrible thing and it can quickly spin out of control if we are not careful.  People who have allowed their hatred to get the best of them have done some horrible things in the world and people have even killed each other because of their hate for one another and they still do today.

From the above teaching in the Holy Qu’ran we see clearly that God does not want Muslims to let hatred incite them to commit acts of wrong (sin) nor allow hate to detour us from being just to others.  Over and over again in the Qur’an, Allah admonishes Muslims to be just and merciful, to be people who are bearers of justice and mercy.  In short, Allah want us to be self disciplined and NOT controlled by our emotions.  Emotional people tend to react without thinking and end up doing things they later regret and wish they had not done.  Allah knows this and to avoid this He wants the Faithful to be self disciplined in body, thought, and in spirit.

The Gospels call upon the faithful to be “humble” and, sadly, some people do not even really know the meaning of that word.  They equate the word with being weak but that is not what being humble is.  Being humble, in fact, is strength, being strong!  Humble means to be self disciplined and not allow yourself to be ruled by your emotions.  Being humble is NOT being a wimp but it is being strong and self disciplined in body, mind, and spirit.

Allah does not want us to hate!  He wants the faithful to act with mercy, compassion, and INTELLIGENCE.  He wants us to act with SELF CONTROL and not be ruled by our emotions which often get us into trouble that we later regret.  He doesn’t want us adding to the hatred in the world but wants each of us to be beacons of compassion!  How many of us can say we are that?  If we cannot say that we are beacons of compassion then it’s time for us to start being so for this is the Will of Allah! Continue reading

Wishing for Ourselves and Others

“None of you can be a perfected believer
so long as you do not wish for your brother what you wish for yourself.”
Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

These are the words of the Prophet and founder of Islam, Muhammad (pbuh) and they ring as full of truth and wisdom today as they did when he spoke them.  Many of us like to think that we are perfected believers in God but are we?  Do we wish for others what we wish for ourselves or do we wish for ourselves something other than what we wish for others?

lotus2Prophet Isa (Jesus) (pbuh) spoke of the same thing telling his followers that there is no greater love than the man who lays down his life for another.  He admonished his followers to forgive and be merciful to others and to desire for others what they desired for their own selves.  He taught his followers to pray for each other and to share in all things together.  He taught that no one is without sin and that before we start looking at the faults of others we need to first look at our own.  Messiah Jesus (pbuh) and Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) were both teaching the same thing in this respect.

If we wish for ourselves that our lives be joyful and peaceful then we should also wish the same for our brothers but, sadly, this is often not the case.  Instead we sometimes wish for our brothers something less than we wish for ourselves and this is wrong, this is sin.  If we wish for forgiveness then we must first forgive.  If we wish for love then we must first love our brothers.  If we wish for joy or for anything else then we must first wish for joy or anything.  We must wish for our brothers what we wish for ourselves.

Think how different the world and our lives would be void of all of the hate and prejudice we see in the world today.  Hate and prejudice come from us wishing something other for our brothers than we wish for our own selves.  Normally, we are wishing for them horrible things while wishing good things for ourselves.  That’s not right if we truly are seeking to be perfected believers in Allah and follow the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

Do we wish wealth for our brothers when we wish it for ourselves?  Are we wishing well being for our brothers when we are wishing it for ourselves?  When we wish for guidance and wisdom?  When we are wishing for forgiveness and mercy for ourselves are we also wishing it for our brothers or are we wishing them to be unforgiven and receive no mercy?

These words of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) ought to cause us to stop and think deeply about ourselves and to look closely at what we are wishing for and whom we are wishing it on.  If we wish others ill will yet wish upon ourselves peace and prosperity we are engaging in sin.  Sin is not the behavior of a perfected believer!

wheatHatred and prejudice, sadly, dominate much of our modern world and adding to its growth is our wishing for ourselves just the opposite of what we wish upon others.  When we do such a thing we are only adding darkness onto more darkness instead of bringing light into the world to pierce that horrid darkness.

If you seek to be a perfected believer then you absolutely MUST wish for your brothers what you wish for your own selves.  There is no way around it!  You cannot become a perfected believer while wishing one thing for yourselves and another for others.  Doing such a thing is hypocritical, which means, if you wish for others something other than what you wish for yourselves then you are a hypocrite.  And, hopefully, we all know that Allah hates hypocrisy.

Wish for others what you wish for yourselves!  Wish for peace, prosperity, guidance, joy, and safekeeping for yourselves and your brethren!  Don’t add darkness to darkness but bring forth the light of Allah into the world to pierce that suffocating darkness!  Don’t be a hypocrite!  Don’t be arrogant!  Instead of being selfish learn to be self–LESS!  This is the Way of Allah that must be followed in order to become a perfected believer.  The Way of God….and it is the same not only for the Muslim but for the Christian and Jew as well.


Who Is Your Pattern and Ideal?

“God commands you to repay pledges to the people due them; and to judge with justice when you judge between people. Excellent is what God instructs you; for God is all-knowing, all-seeing.”
 [Sura an-Nisa’ 4: 58]

“You have indeed in the Messenger (Muhammad) of Allah a beautiful pattern of conduct for any one whose hope is in Allah and the Final Day, and who engages much in the Praise of Allah.”
(Sura Al-Ahzab  33:21)


As Muslims were are admonished by Sharia (the Law of God) to repay our debts to those whom we owe be they monetary debts or debts of favor.  Further, as Muslims we are also admonished by Allah to judge others justly with fairness and with compassion not with injustice and anger.  Among true Muslims there is a long, long tradition of justice and fairness mixed with mercy and compassion.  Sadly, in today’s world we seem to see little of those things not just among Muslims but among Christians, Jews, and all others as well.  For, it seems we live in a lost world today that is guided by egotism, greed, selfishness, injustice, and a gross lack of mercy and forgiveness.  These are NOT the things God wants us to be engaging in, however!  The Prophet Issa (Jesus) (pbuh) taught that even though we are IN the world, we are not OF the world.  Thus, we must NOT conform ourselves to the world but to God’s Will and Law if we are true believers.  In the Holy Qur’an Allah admonishes us to repay our debts and owe no one anything and He admonishes us in our dealings with others to be just, compassionate, and forgiving and this is exactly what we will do IF we are True Believers in God and the Last Day.

The Prophet Muhammd (pbuh) was such a man.  He was a man who was guided by justice, fairness, forgiveness, and mercy along with compassion.  Yes, he was also a soldier but more than that he was a true Warrior for in battle he could be ruthless but off the battlefield he proved to be a man of compassion, justice, and intelligence.  This is the mark of the true Warrior!  Those who slaughter and who have no compassion or justice are nothing but killers.  They are not true Warriors nor are they guided by the code of Warriors.

The Gospels encourage Christians to pattern and emulate their lives after Issa (Jesus) (pbuh) and Muslims are encouraged to pattern and emulate their lives after the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).  Both of these men were prophets of Allah and both of them were warriors.  Jesus was more a spiritual warrior while Muhammad was more a warrior on the field of battle but the fact remains that both were true warriors and both lived by the code of warriors which is compassion, mercy, forgiveness, and intelligence.  Both were men of justice who sought to treat others justly and in both we all have examples by which we can, and should, pattern and emulate in our own lives.

An ideal is something we hold high and dear.  It is something that we aspire to become like.  In the case of Muslims and Christians our ideal should be the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and the Prophet Issa (pbuh).  We should use them as a pattern and example for our own personal lives as men and as women with our goal being to become like them in their compassion, in their forgiveness, in their justice, and in their intellect.  Both men were wise men.  Both men were intelligent men.  We too must be wise and intelligent becasue God does NOT want us to be ignorant of anything.  And in our dealing with other people we must always strive to be just and fair and avoid being ruthless and unjust.  The wise and intelligent man forgives.  The ignorant and foolish man does not!

Prophet Issa (Jesus) (pbuh) taught, “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”  In our ponderings concerning justice we need to really consider this teaching.  Can you cast the first stone?  Can I?  Most certainly not!  None of us are without sin and error on this world and it is only in the next world that we might achieve perfection.  This is a lost and often ruthless and cruel world marked by injustice and unfairness BUT we don’t have to be like others in this world who are unbelievers.  God has given us a different Way, His Way.  His Way is NOT the way of the world but, most often, is exactly opposite from the ways of this lost and dark world of men and jinn.  Each of us must choose which way we will follow and pattern our lives after.  We have the choice of emulating the two Prophets OR we have the choice of simply following the world into the abyss of darkness.  The choice is ours as Allah always gives us choices and forces us to do nothing.  What choice have you made?  What choice will you make?  As for me and my house we have chosen the Way of Allah and forsaken the ways of the world, the fallen and evil ways of both man and jinn.


Belief, True Wealth, and Love….


None of you can be a perfected believer so long as you do not wish for your brother what you wish for yourself.
The Prophet Mohammed (may God bless him and grant him peace)

A person’s true wealth is the good deeds that he does in this world.
The Prophet Mohammed (may God bless him and grant him peace)

True love appears, or rather manifests itself in three ways: The lover prefers the words of the beloved to those of others, prefers the conversation of the beloved to that of others, and prefers to please the beloved rather than others.
Imam al-Ghazzali

Those who love prefer to please those whom they love instead of pleasing others.
Imam Ghazzali