An Excellent Post! “The Greatest Idol”

I read an excellent post this morning about Nafs.  For those of you who do not know the “nafs” is basically the human ego which I’ve said much about on this site.  I read the excellent post on the following blog:

To begin with I love the title, “The Greatest Idol,” because in truth many today worship their nafs (ego) as the greatest idol.  In the Bible the nafs, ego is called the “sinful self.”  No matter what you call it it’s the same thing.  EGO! Continue reading

On The Boston Marathon Bombings and Acts of Terror

The events in the Boston area over the past week have been nothing short of horrific.  It all began with a horrible double bombing at the finish line for the Boston Marathon this past Monday apparently carried out by two Chechen brothers living in the US.  Interfaith1The older brother, Tamerlan, was killed by his younger brother when he ran over him after a gunfight with police according to the Watertown Police Chief yesterday.  The younger brother, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, was captured Friday afternoon in the Watertown area after a standoff with police and is alive in a hospital in critical but stable condition.  Their acts of terrorism resulted in 200 people being injured at the marathon by bombs the brothers used to kill and also resulted in 3 deaths including an 8 year old boy.  The pair are also accused of killing an MIT Police Officer in their week long terrorist spree.

There is strong evidence that the brothers were radicalized by fundamentalist elements within Islam.  Imam’s in the Boston area are speaking out and refusing to conduct a funeral for Tamerlan even though they have not yet been asked.  Muslims across the US now fear retaliation for the actions of these two lunatics.  It is important to realize that Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s actions and beliefs DO NOT represent nor reflect the views and beliefs of mainstream Muslims neither in the US or the world. Continue reading

Real Leaders Lead By Personal Example

God wants the believer to be strong.  Strong in body, in mind, and in spirit.  But God especially wants the believer to be strong in faith too.  To be strong in body means exercising the body and eating healthy foods to stay fit.  It also means disciplining the Islam symbolbody to keep it strong and away from things that may harm one’s health.  To be strong in mind means to discipline the mind, to practice good values, and to educate the mind in all things.  It means acting with dignity and respect.  It means controlling your behaviors, emotions, and thoughts as well as your words.  Words are powerful and the believer must speak wisely and not be quick to speak like fools do.  To be strong in spirit means to educate yourself in God’s Wisdom and to have a strong faith in God.  It means disciplining yourself in the ways of Allah and doing as Allah truly wants you to do.  It means living by His laws and controlling our selfish desires and wants.  It means acting wisely and being humble.  Like the ancient Chinese proverb says: Continue reading

Terrorist Attack in Boston

“The taking of a life does no one honor.”
[Ancient Chinese Proverb]

Islam symbolI deplore and condemn today’s terror attack at the finish line of the Boston Marathon!  Whoever did it is a psychotic soul no matter what their cause.  It is as yet unknown who did this but media sources are saying there was a Saudi student acting suspiciously in the area prior to the bomb going off and reportedly police have the man under guard in a hospital as a person of interest.  Video shows a man carrying two back packs.

Our hearts go out to all those who lost their lives and their families as well as the many injured in this act of terrorism and evil.  Should the Saudi man be found to be the monster allow me to be the first to call him an INFIDEL!  Terrorism is NOT consistent with true Islamic belief!!  Murder of innocents is a SIN in the Qur’an as I’ve noted here many times before.  Whoever did this they are men/women of DISHONOR and they are evil and must be brought to justice before both man and God.

Religious Tolerance: Why We Are Not All Muslims in the World

“Let there be no compulsion in religion: Truth stands out clear from error…”
Sura al-Baqarah 256

“If it had been you Lord’s Will, they would have believed, all who are on earth!
Will you then compel people, against their will to believe?”
Sura al-Yunus 10:99

“Say:  We believe in Allah and the revelation given to us, and to Ibrahim (Abraham), Isma’il (Ishmael), Jacob, and the Tribes, and that given to Musa (Moses) and to Isa (Jesus), and that given to all of the Prophets from their Lord; we make no difference  between any of them, and we submit to Allah.”
Sura 2:136

“…Had not Allah checked one set of people by means of another there would surely have been puled down monasteries, churches, synagogues, and mosques, in which the Name of Allah is commemorated in abundant measure…”
Sura al-Hajj 22:40

Had Allah (God) desired it to be so he would have made everyone on the planet to be a Muslim, or a Christian, or a Jew, or something else.  But that was not what He desired obviously and that is why we have people of different faiths.  Sura 10 palo verdeal-Yunus asks us a question.  It asks us that since it obviously was not Allah’s Will to make us all of one faith then how will we compel others to share our faith against their will.  Further, Sura al-Baqarah informs us that there is to be no compulsion in religion because Truth stands apart and clear from error.  Have you ever tried to force someone to believe something?  It doesn’t work even if they pretend to believe what you wish them to believe in the backs of their minds they really don’t believe it.  They always question it.  Their belief is never 100%.

Some people think they can force others to believe something but isn’t belief really a matter of choice?  Surely it is.  Isn’t faith a matter of the heart?  How can you force faith and belief on someone and compel them to believe?  Even when tortured people do not believe, really.  Oh they might believe for as long as they are tortured and oppressed but once liberated their lack of real belief becomes apparent.  But that is not the big question. Continue reading

Islam is Color Blind

In his final sermon the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said that “every Muslim is a brother to every Muslim” and he went on to say that “Muslims constitute one racesbrotherhood.”  One of the things that many people find most appealing about Islam is that it is color blind.  Race has no meaning in Islam as a Muslim is a Muslim no matter what his or her skin color.  When one attends Mosque or the Hajj one sees fellow Muslims of all races from all over the world and this point is driven home.  Skin color does not matter to God because He created all of us and we all come from Adam and Eve just as the Prophet (pbuh) proclaimed in his final sermon.

Sadly today we still have the problem of racism in Western society.  I find that very sad because judging a person on skin color robs us of ever knowing that person and what a wonderful person they might be.  That person might have become one of our best and closest friends but you’ll never know because you judged that person on skin color.  The word “prejudice” means to “pre-judge” and that is what racism is.  We prejudge a person without knowing them based on skin color.  That is most certainly not right and not just at all.   Continue reading

Believers Must Help the Poor; Being Rich is a Test From Allah!

David Icke is a man with some ideas some of which I agree with and others which I do not.  That being said in his most recent newsletter he addresses the recent economic problems in Cyprus and how the government there has raided people’s poor2personal savings and checking accounts taking money out of them and calling it a “tax.”  I’ve been reading about this bold robbery in the news as well and experts say that Greece, Italy, and Spain are next.  Personally, I think what the Cyprus government has done is nothing short of theft and I fear there is much more coming as the Western economies continue to implode.  That could spell disaster for a lot of people, sadly, and especially for those who are already living in poverty.

Icke says that in order to understand current world events people must understand that there are a network of a few elitist families and secret societies the control big banking, big oil, big government, big pharma, big biotech, big food, big media, etc.  Icke says this network is now attempting to create a world in which a tiny few who are mega-rich living in “high tech luxury over a poverty-stricken masses with no class” control everything and employ an “Orwellian police state” in order to make sure their control is maintained.   Continue reading