God Points Out the Paths


God points out the paths, including the wrong ones.  If He will He could have guided ALL of you.

He sends down from the sky water for your drink, and to grow trees for your benefit.

With it, He grows for you crops, olives, date palms, grapes, and all kinds of fruits.

This is sufficient PROOF for people who think!”

(Sura al-Nahl 16: 9-11)





I will not allow those who have chosen evil,carnation

or those who have chosen to kill and slaughter,

to steal away my peace, my hope, and my joy

that I find in Allah!

I will not allow those who have chosen Iblis,

to define who I am

or to define my Islamic Faith!

I will not walk with my head,

bowed in shame!

Nor will I be ashamed

that I put my trust in Allah alone!

By living the morals and values,

as taught in God’s Word,

the Holy Qur’an,

I will strive to be a living examplecarnation

of those morals and values.

For, there is no better teacher,

than that of personal example!

I have put my trust in Allah alone,

and in Him I have put my trust.

I will not succumb to the hate in this world,

nor will I submit to those who have chosen Darkness over Light!


Praise be to God!

Lord of the Creation!

King of Judgment Day!

To you alone we worship,

and to you alone we pray for help.

Guide us in the Straight Path,

not of those who have incurred Your wrath,

nor of those who have gone Astray!

Our Trust, Hope, and Refuge


Affirmation:  I seek refuge in God from Iblis (Satan) the rejected!

Qur’an Teaching:  “When you read the Qur’an you shall seek refuge in Allah from Iblis the rejected.  He has no power over those who believe and trust in their Lord.  His power is limited to those who choose him as their master, those who choose him as their god.”  (Sura al-Nahl 16:98-100)

Commentary:  This is an important commandment from God to the Truly Faithful.  Salvation is attained  through God’s Message to us, the Qur’an, and Iblis (Satan) will do everything he can to keep us from being redeemed.  This is the reason for this commandment given by Allah to the Truly Faithful.

God is our only hope and He is our only refuge.  The Qur’an also teaches us, “In Allah, let the Faithful put their trust.”  To put our hope and trust in man or the materialism in this world is an error.  To seek refuge in man or this material world is also an error because for the Truly Faithful our only refuge is in Allah (God).  The biggest mistake people make today is putting their hope and trust in other people and this world.  Allah wants us to put our hope and trust in Him and He wants us to seek and find refuge in only Him.  In studying God’s Word, prayer, and faith we find refuge in Allah and this is why He wants the Truly Faithful to have as the foremost thought in our minds, Him.

This world is often an evil place and, sadly, many in the world today have put their trust not in Allah but in Iblis (Satan).  That is the reason we see so much evil in the modern world.  But, we should not be afraid because the Evil One only has power over those who have chosen him as their master.  The Evil One has NO POWER over the Truly Faithful because they have put their trust in Allah and in Allah they have found refuge and safety!  Remember this when you encounter hate-filled evil people in this world.