In True Islam Life IS Sacred!!

In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, Most Merciful!  

“You shall not kill any person,
for God has made life sacred!”
(Sura al-Isra 17:33)

masood_islamic_crescentOn this blog I have written many times before as to how the Holy Qur’an forbids Muslims from killing another human being save in the course of justice (capital punishment ordered by a court).  Once again I feel the need to write about this subject again and reference some MAJOR teaching in the Qur’an which forbid murder and which condone fighting in self-defense ONLY.

Sura al-Isra is the 17th chapter in the Qur’an and in this case I am sighting verse 33 which makes it clearer than clear that murder is wrong and a SIN.  How much more plain can it be that murder is wrong and sinful?  Life is sacred! The reason life is sacred is because God (Allah) has created all life and everything that Allah has created is sacred to the True Muslim, True Christian, True Jew, True Buddhist, and others!

Sadly today we see those who have hijacked Islam and who commit atrocities in Allah’s Name killing innocent people be it by terror attacks or suicide bombers (suicide is also a sin strongly condemned by the Qur’an).  Taking ANY human life except in the course of justice (capital punishment by a court) if absolutely FORBIDDEN in the teachings of the Qur’an!  It is for this very reason that those who commit acts of terrorism are clearly NOT True Muslims but are EVIL PEOPLE who are attempting to justify their own hatred and actions by using God’s Name (which in itself is yet another sin, frankly).  Even in the course of justice capital punishment is discouraged by the Qur’an!  As True Muslims we should use capital punishment as a last resort.  Sadly, what we are seeing today being committed by evil people in the Name of Islam and Allah is just the OPPOSITE of what the Qur’an teaches and of what True Muslims believe!  ANYONE can commit ANY ACT in the name of God by whatever name they call Him.  BUT that does NOT make that person a True Muslim or a True anything else!!

Contrary to popular MIS-conception Islam does NOT teach violence, murder, or suicide!  In FACT, the Qur’an forbids aggression!  In the Quranic teachings fighting is ONLY permitted in SELF-DEFENSE.  God (Allah) does NOT love the aggressor and the Qur’an makes this too absolutely clear in several Suras.  Over and over again God repeats in the Qur’an that He does NOT love the aggressors and that we are NOT to be aggressors!  ONLY is a True Muslim is attacked by an aggressor are we allowed to fight back in self-defense.  Further, if the enemy offers peace we are commanded by Allah in the Qur’an to STOP fighting.

All aggressors have evil selfish goals and they will do anything to achieve those goals EVEN using the name of God to Carnation-China-Rosejustify their horrors and sins!  But, just because they use the name of Allah to commit their terror acts does NOT make them True Muslims.  In fact, it doesn’t make them Muslims at all period!  What it makes them is hypocrites and Allah detests the hypocrites more than any others.  The fact is people who are aggressors and who engage in terror acts are EVIL people who have lost The Way and The Path.  They are blindly following Iblis (Satan) and they don’t even know it.  Satan will do anything to turn people away from the True Path of God.  ANYTHING!  Think about how many people the terrorists have turned away from God by their own actions already and how many more they will turn away from God by their continued actions.  And you don’t think they aren’t going to be held accountable for their terror acts and turning away people from Allah on the Judgment Day?  Think again!

Thanks to those who commit acts of terror and the ignorance of many people both non-Muslim and Muslim along with all the acquired media attention the world now views Islam as a violent and aggressive religion.  But, it is NOT! Just the contrary is true!  Islam is SUPPOSED to be a religion of PEACE, mercy, tolerance, justice, and hope!!  Until True Muslims stand up and expose those who have hijacked their faith then the world will continue to hold this mistaken concept of Islam AND all Muslims!  Our silence is not hurting those who are not True Muslims.  Our silence is hurting all of us, the MAJORITY, who ARE True Muslims!  That is why I am speaking out and that is why YOU should be speaking out.

Islam and the Quranic teachings DO NOT condone nor encourage acts of terrorism in any form!  In fact, aggression is condemned in the Qur’an and the taking of a human life is a GREAT SIN in Islam.  Muslims are NOT to act as aggressors and it is that plain and that simple.  Sadly, many Muslims are IGNORANT!  Ignorant of what the Qur’an really teaches and says and instead of EDUCATING THEMSELVES they listen to Imams who are completely MISGUIDED.  They rely on these misguided Imams to just tell them what the Qur’an says and/or what it means and these misguided Imams, in fact, do not even know themselves because they are MISGUIDED themselves!!

Allah does NOT desire that the True Muslim be ignorant or an idiot!  In fact, Allah desires the Faithful to be intelligent and act with intelligence.  Listening to someone tell you what THEY think something means is NOT educating yourself especially if that person you are listening to is misguided themselves.  True Muslims educate themselves.  True Muslims read the Qur’an and know what it means.  True Muslims know that the values that Allah wishes us to exhibit in our own lives are the Quranic values of peace, tolerance, hope, mercy, and forgiveness.  And they KNOW that LIFE IS SACRED and is NOT to be taken for granted!  They know that life is to be VALUED and just not their own lives but the lives of ALL OTHER PEOPLE no matter what their religion.

One thing that must be realized is that NO religion of God is evil.  Rather, it is the people who abuse the religion that are the true evil.  I’ve often said that when we go looking for devils and demons (jinn) that we need seldom look any further than humanity itself and I’ve been proven right over and over again thanks to those who commit acts of terror and aggression!

Sura 2:190 says this, “….but do NOT aggress, Allah does NOT love the aggressors.”  There is nothing mysterious about this Quranic passage.  It is very plain and simple and easily understandable.  If you are an aggressor what you have waiting for you in the hereafter is not Paradise but the fires of Hell.  That is where Allah (God) puts those who transgress against his teachings and laws!  Aggressors DO transgress against the laws and teachings of Allah!

carnationAs I said, Muslims are ONLY allowed to engage in fighting in self-defense AND there are specific rules regulating such fighting outlined in the Qur’an.  Aggression and oppression are strictly FORBIDDEN!  And there is something more.  The Qur’an also forbids True Muslims from being provoked by past animosity into committing aggressive acts!  This is taught in Sura 5:2 which says, “……let not the hatred of some people …..lead you into transgression and hostility on your part.  Help one another in righteousness and piety, but do not help one another into sin and rancour.  Fear Allah for Allah is strict in punishment.”  True Muslims do not help those who commit sinful acts and the murder of human life which is sacred is sinful.  We as True Muslims are not to be helping people in their sin but, rather, we are to be trying to help them leave sin!  We are to correct those who are in error.  We are to do what is within our means to guide them out of their sin and show them how they might correct their ways.  For us to encourage anyone into sin or help them sin is pure evil and everyone associated with such an evil thing will be held accountable before Allah!

Additionally, True Muslims know that there MUST be no compulsion in religion!  True Muslims do NOT force or attempt to force anyone into becoming a Muslim.  Rather, our only duty charged us by Allah is to give the person warning and instruct them in the basic tenets of Islam and then allow them to choose if they wish to become a Muslim or not.  If they do then great!  If they don’t then we are to leave them alone and not force Islam upon them and consider their rejection to be a matter between them and God.  And THAT becomes NONE of our business to be blunt!  This truth is found in Sura 2:256 which says, “There shall be NO compulsion in religion; the right way is now distinct from the wrong way.”  

In Sura 18:29 we find that Allah demands there is to be ABSOLUTE FREEDOM OF RELIGION.  Here we read, “Proclaim:  This is the truth from your Lord, then whoever wills let them believe, and whoever wills let them disbelieve.”  Further, rather than using aggression, oppression, or force to force Islam on someone Sura 16:125 makes it clear how we are to spread God’s message.  It says, “You shall invite (others) to The Path of your Lord with wisdom and KIND enlightenment, and debate with them in the best possible manner.  Your Lord knows best who has strayed from His Path, and He knows best who are the Guided Ones.”  Thus, when we discuss our faith with people we are supposed to do so with intelligence, kindness, and wisdom NOT with aggression, oppression, or evilness!  We are NOT to terrorize people into submission!  If we do then we commit SIN!

I am not going to go into the rules of war as outlined in the Qur’an in this writing save to say that the Qur’an clearly instructs the True Muslim what they can and cannot do in war.  And, if the enemy sues for peace then the True Muslim is to stop fighting and negotiate that peace with the enemy.

There is nothing mysterious about the teachings of the Holy Qur’an.  There is nothing left unanswered.  There is nothing contradictory nor confusing in it.  It is a very clear and precise teaching and True Muslims know this. This is one reason why a True Muslim would NEVER even consider the idea of taking another human life by any means!  It is because he or she KNOWS that human LIFE IS SACRED!

It is very sad what is going on today in the world especially with those claiming to be Muslims yet engaging in acts of terror.  These people are LOST.  These people have incurred the wrath of Allah!  These people are following down the path that has led them astray!  They are playing right into the hands of evil and they do not even know it!  They are in for a very big surprise come the Judgment Day when they find themselves in Hell rather than Paradise.

Islam is in turmoil today!  All Muslims are supposed to be brothers or sisters yet we are not.  All Muslims are suppose palo verdeto be united in equality and tolerance yet we are not.  At one time in human history not so long ago Muslim civilization was the highest on the planet but today it has sank into barbarism, sadly, in many ways.  Most Muslim nations are ruled via oppression and aggression by evil dictators.  Why has this happened?  The answer is actually simple.  We left the basic teachings of the Holy Qur’an!  That high Islamic civilization only existed for as long as Muslims stuck to the basics of the Qur’an but as we began to turn away from those basics morals and values that civilization began to decline into what we have today which, frankly, is NOTHING!  But, this is another subject for another post in the future perhaps.

In TRUE ISLAM life is SACRED!  All human life be that human life a Muslim, Christian, Jew, Buddhist, Hindu, or of any other faith.  If you do not think human life is sacred for ANY reason then I must inform you no matter who or what you are, you are NOT A TRUE MUSLIM and Allah does NOT stand by you!


Imran Abbas al-Kasi


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