Just a few days ago ISIS (aka the Islamic State in the Levant) executed numerous women (young and not so young) because they refused to have sex with ISIS fighters.  This isn’t the first time this terror group has done this.  It seems the “caliph” of ISIS thinks women are required to sexually serve his fighters without question.  Does he realize what he’s doing is turning them into whores?

What many Muslim men don’t realize is that they have an obligation to their women.  They are obligated to care for their women and children.  Women should be respected not disrespected.  Turning women into whores is not respecting them.  It’s disrespecting them!

The Qur’an teaches that murder is WRONG, a sin.  The slaughter of all those women a few days ago was wrong!  How can any true Muslim follow someone who slaughters women for their refusal to become whores?  How can such action be justified before the face of Allah?  Such actions are NOT true Islam!  And those who sanction such actions are NOT true Muslims!  Follow them and you too will go the same place they are headed to on Judgment Day. HELL! If you really are a True Muslim you need to consider what I say and think about what you are doing before that day comes.

Women, like men, are God’s sacred creation.  We should respect them and be kind to them.  We should listen to them whether we agree with them or not.  We at least owe them the courtesy of listening to them.  They are not animals!  They are HUMAN BEINGS just like men are.  Abuse them and you commit SIN.  Kill them and you commit an even bigger sin!  Do these things and you might think you are a true Muslim but I have news for you.  Allah ALREADY knows you are NOT.





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