The Persecution of Christians Today is a GREAT SIN!!

I will begin this post with this:

“In the Name of ALLAH, the Most Wise, Most Powerful, and Most Gracious….”

Dome1I came across a post on “The Counter Jihad Report” today that I find quite disturbing.  The post is about the persecution of Christians in Muslim countries in the Middle East.  The post states that a 2014 World Watch List report ranks 50 nations where Christians are the most persecuted.  Syria holds the third place in terms of being the worst nation in which to be a Christian.  Iraq ranks 4th and Afghanistan ranks 5th while Libya ranks 13th.  According to the post, “All four countries receive the strongest “extreme persecution” (ranking).  The post notes heavy US involvement in these nations and points out that three of them (Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya) were “liberated” by the US.  It further notes that in Syria the US is “actively sponsoring freedom fighters” against the regime of President Assad.  The post says that many of these so called freedom fighters “would be better labeled terrorists.”

In Syria, the post says, beheadings of Christians and the bombing of their churches are at an all time high.  It also notes that in Syria, Christians are “slaughtered for refusing to convert to Islam, and countless abducted for ransom or rape at the hands of those whom the U.S. supports.”  As accurately is stated in the post Syria used to be a tolerant nation in terms of religion but that all seems to have changed now as the US attempts to bring “democracy” to Syria.  In conclusion the post notes that wherever the US has gone to bring “democracy” in the Middle East it has consistently resulted in Islamists coming to power and “Christian minorities suffer extreme persecution.”

I’m not going to address the politics here nor the failure of the Obama administration’s foreign policy.  What I am going to address is the persecution of Christians and other religious minorities in places like Syria.

First of all, to all my Muslim brothers and sisters, let me state flatly and bluntly that rape, murder, and suicide are ALL SINS period!!  Anyone who commits these acts is going to Hell even though they may mistakenly think they are going to Paradise.  Sorry but it isn’t going to happen.  Need proof?  READ YOUR QUR’AN!  Yes, actually pick the book up and READ IT instead of letting it collect dust and listening to some LOST religious leader just tell you what he claims is in it.  READ if for YOURSELVES!

Cross1The Qur’an makes it clear that there is to be NO COMPULSION IN RELIGION.  That means that Muslims are NOT to be killing those people of other faiths who refuse to convert to Islam.  The Qur’an further makes it clear that the ONLY duty of the Muslim is to tell non-Muslims about God’s Word and warn them about going to Hell.  That’s it!  We are NOT suppose to be killing them when they refuse to convert.  Further, the Qur’an and Hadith make it clear that Muslims are NOT suppose to be going about burning down Christian Churches or Jewish Synagogues because these along with Muslim Mosques are places in which Allah’s name is remembered and in which He is worshiped.

I’ve heard several times on the news about so called “devout Muslims” kidnapping and raping people during the Arab Spring protests and I’ve also heard about them beheading non-Muslims, destroying Christian churches, and even one report which said Muslims in Egypt had crucified some Christians.  These acts are disgusting!  ALL of these acts are SIN in action!  These misguided people might thinks Paradise awaits them but they could not be more WRONG!

Sadly, Islam has been hijacked is is being used to carry out some of the most detestable sins and crimes the world has ever seen today.  Along with that some Imams and religious leaders with POLITICAL agendas are leading the faithful astray and into SIN obviously.  No one can read the Qur’an or truly believe in and obey ALLAH and commit such acts as these!  Any true Muslim is horrified by such acts and would not even entertain the thought of doing such things much less actually carry such horrors out.  THE QUR’AN DOES NOT SUPPORT ANY OF THESE HORRIFIC ACTIONS and in fact CONDEMNS THEM ALL!!

Muslims had better wake up and come to see that their are wolves in sheep clothing leading them astray along the path to the Hell-fires while glossing it all over as “Islam.”  These acts are NOT ISLAM at all.  These acts are ALL SINS!!

Syria now disgusts me!  Once a beacon for religious tolerance Syria has now sold its soul to the devil as the world witnesses the rape and murder of Syrian Christians.  Syria can no longer make any claim to being any sort of beacon in Muslim affairs as it appears to have now become a beacon of darkness.  I believe Allah Himself is disgusted with Syria now completely!  That’s NOT good news for Syria.

The persecution, murder, rape, beheadings, kidnapping of Christians and other religious minorities we see going on in the Middle East today do NOT reflect anything about REAL Islam.  They are absolutely CONTRARY to the teachings and practices of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) whose tolerance of Christians and the Jews I’ve spoken off consistently on this site.  Some people wonder how the Ottoman Empire (that ruled the Mid East for over 600 years) attacked and killed Muslims in other Mid East countries during their conquests.  The answer is simple.  The Ottomans did NOT consider everyone who claimed to be a Muslim as a true Muslim because they saw people doing things that Muslims are not suppose to be doing.  Can you imagine what the Ottomans would think today?  Count yourselves lucky that I’m not an Ottoman Sultan with a massive modern army as I’d march it into Syria today in conquest!  And I wouldn’t stop there.  I’d march it into Egypt, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, and all the rest!

What frustrates and angers me MOST about all this is that the world sees these atrocities and assumes that this is “typical Muslim behavior.”  Such actions as these just strengthen the erroneous perceptions non-Muslims today have of Muslims.  Such actions just re-enforce the myths and misinformation that non-Muslims have about Muslims.  It only proves to them that all Muslims are terrorists and psychotic killers!  Consider that IF you are a true Muslim you would NOT be doing these things as they are absolutely contrary to the teachings of the Qur’an and pattern of behavior of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).  People who are carrying out these horrors are literally giving ALL MUSLIMS a bad name.  They are proving the stereotype of the Muslim to the world even though that stereotype is WRONG.

My prayers are with and for my Christian brothers and the other religious minorities who are suffering these horrific SINFUL atrocities today at the hands of so called “muslims.”  They are NOT the actions of a true Muslim and no real Muslims sanctions any of these horrific acts but, rather, is disgusted and repulsed by them!  Sadly and most horrifying is that these SINS are being carried out in the name of God with the true motivation behind them NOT being religion at all but some LOST and DEMONIC political agenda inspired by none other than SATAN himself.  We want the world to know that Islam is a religion of peace but just how is the world suppose to believe that when they see things like this going on and perpetrated by so called Muslims?  True Muslims need to STAND UP AND SPEAK OUT about this SIN being carried out in the name of Allah!  There is no longer a time for silence!  Our voices, the voice of the true Muslim, must be heard.  That voice must be heard loud and clear by the world.  The people of the Middle East must come to realize they are being played for ABSOLUTE FOOLS by people who are NOT doing the work of Allah at all.  They must realize that the agenda is NOT the agenda of Allah but is a political agenda employed by greedy and selfish men who are only using the Arab people as mindless and foolish pawns in some Hell based chess game of psychosis!

You can read the original post I spoke of above at the below link.

I will close by saying I pray daily for ALLAH to do something about this situation and to STOP these horrific SINS being carried out in His Name.  I pray that Allah will greatly strengthen the faith and courage of every true Muslim and give them strength to STAND UP AND SPEAK OUT against such things as we are seeing in the Mid East today.  Allah is All Powerful.  He can do anything and when the truly Faithful PRAY He is moved to do what He wishes to do.  I pray that His desire is to stop the insanity, murder, suicide, rape, and persecutions in the Mid East being carried out in His Name and that He restore true Islam to all Muslims around the world today. 

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