Religious Tolerance: Why We Are Not All Muslims in the World

“Let there be no compulsion in religion: Truth stands out clear from error…”
Sura al-Baqarah 256

“If it had been you Lord’s Will, they would have believed, all who are on earth!
Will you then compel people, against their will to believe?”
Sura al-Yunus 10:99

“Say:  We believe in Allah and the revelation given to us, and to Ibrahim (Abraham), Isma’il (Ishmael), Jacob, and the Tribes, and that given to Musa (Moses) and to Isa (Jesus), and that given to all of the Prophets from their Lord; we make no difference  between any of them, and we submit to Allah.”
Sura 2:136

“…Had not Allah checked one set of people by means of another there would surely have been puled down monasteries, churches, synagogues, and mosques, in which the Name of Allah is commemorated in abundant measure…”
Sura al-Hajj 22:40

Had Allah (God) desired it to be so he would have made everyone on the planet to be a Muslim, or a Christian, or a Jew, or something else.  But that was not what He desired obviously and that is why we have people of different faiths.  Sura 10 palo verdeal-Yunus asks us a question.  It asks us that since it obviously was not Allah’s Will to make us all of one faith then how will we compel others to share our faith against their will.  Further, Sura al-Baqarah informs us that there is to be no compulsion in religion because Truth stands apart and clear from error.  Have you ever tried to force someone to believe something?  It doesn’t work even if they pretend to believe what you wish them to believe in the backs of their minds they really don’t believe it.  They always question it.  Their belief is never 100%.

Some people think they can force others to believe something but isn’t belief really a matter of choice?  Surely it is.  Isn’t faith a matter of the heart?  How can you force faith and belief on someone and compel them to believe?  Even when tortured people do not believe, really.  Oh they might believe for as long as they are tortured and oppressed but once liberated their lack of real belief becomes apparent.  But that is not the big question.

The big question is since it was NOT Allah’s Will to make all people one faith then who are we to decide otherwise?  Who are we to compel others to believe what we believe?  Are we to override Allah’s Will and face the consequences of such error (sin)?  Wouldn’t that be a challenge to God Himself?  I would not wish to face Allah on Judgment Day and be asked why I challenged His Will.  So I personally avoid challenging His Will as a result.

God’s Will is paramount and Supreme.  Man’s will is inferior and subservient to Allah’s Will or, at least, it should be.  In the above verses from the Holy Qur’an, Allah makes His Will clear.  He first tells us that we should NOT compel people in religion and that it was NOT His Will to make all people of one faith.  Who are we to challenge or question Him on that?

This is what many people don’t understand today be they Muslim, Christian, or Jew.  Some think that everyone must be like them and hold the same beliefs and if they don’t then they are going to Hell because only they hold the Truth.  But this is not so and the above Quranic verses make that very clear.  Obviously since it was not God’s Will that we all be of one faith none of us have the entire pie but we all share that pie.

Notice what we are taught in Sura 2:136.  It says we (Muslims) believe in God and in His revelation, the Holy Qur’an.  And we believe in those revelations given to Abraham, Ishamel, Jacob, Jesus, Moses, and the Prophets.  And most importantly Muslims are to submit to Allah.  So, again, who are we to question Allah’s Will?  Who are we to challenge His Will and compel people to believe as we believe?  And why do we have people of varied faiths?  That is answered in Sura al-Hajj 22:40 abpve.  It is because we check each other by means of another.  In other words, it is so we can keep each other in line and confirm each other in our beliefs.  There is only one God and God wants us to get it right.  He wants our faith to be pure.  It’s like a divine system of checks and balances in some ways.

Some people say that the Qur’an was given to the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) because the Christians and Jews had corrupted the Gospel and Torah.  I personally do not believe that.  I think Allah has revealed Himself to people of other cultures in a way that they could understand and know Him.  Jews are suppose to submit themselves to God.  Christians are suppose to submit themselves to God.  Muslims are suppose to submit themselves to God.  So what is the difference?  members of all three faiths are to submit themselves to God and to His Will fully and completely.  And if we don’t then we are in error which is sin.  Further, the Qur’an makes cleear that God revealed it not to supplant the Torah or Gospels but to confirm them, that which came before the Qur’an.  The Qur’an is a confirmation of the Gospel and Torah not a substitute!  But how many understand this today?  Sadly it appears we have many who do not understand this and who believe they must compel others to become Muslims.  But Allah, by the Holy Qur’an, tells us that there is to be “no compulsion in religion.”  So by forcing someone to become a Muslim are we not committing error (sin)?  Are we not challenging Allah’s Will?  Surely Allah would like everyone to be a Muslim but He does not force everyone to become one even though He easily could force them to.  But He doesn’t do that and, instead, tells us there must be no compulsion in religion.  People must come to Islam by their own free will.  By discerning Truth from error.  By submitting voluntarily to God and allowing Him to help them change their lives and become “new creations” as the Gospels teach.

Allah has given humanity a consistent message for aeons now and sadly we still don’t seem to get the point.  He wants us to submit to His Will and not to our own.  He wants us to be compassionate, loving, forgiving, merciful, knowledgeable, and wise.  He wants us to worship Him and Him alone and no other thing.  He wants us to be humble and avoid egotism and arrogance.  He wants us to care about other people and help them anyway we can within our means.  He wants us to use whatever wealth He has given us not for our own endless indulgence but to help others.  All things belong to carnationAllah.  When He gives us something He does so to see what we will do with it.  Yes it is a test.  A test to see what we will do.  Will we do His Will or will we do our own selfish will?  That is the test.  Do we fail that test or do we succeed and, thus, strengthen our devotion to Allah?  These are questions each of us must ask ourselves.  We own nothing on this world for all things belong to Allah.  We only borrow them and our borrowing is a test and, assuredly, Allah is watching to see what we do with it.

Most Muslims today seriously need to sit down and think about Allah’s Will especially in matters of religion.  So do most Christians and Jews.  We need to stop this, “I’m right; you’re all wrong” routine because it is very childish and ignorant.  It is also very arrogant and arrogance is a sin as Allah makes clear.  Satan was the first to commit the sin of arrogance.  Are we to follow in his footsteps?  I would hope not!

The Qur’ann teaches that a Muslim is to simply tell or teach people the Truth as revealed in the Qur’an.  And then it is up to the person they tell to decide if they wish to become a Muslim.  If they don’t then we are simply to send them on their way and let Allah deal with them.  Is that what we are doing today?  Or are we forcing people, compeling them in religion?  If we ae then we are committing not one but two sins.  That of compeling people and that of not allowing Allah to deal with those who refuse to submit to Him.  Do you really want to answer for that come Judgment Day?  I for one do not.

Like I said earlier.  Every Muslim today must begin to ask themselves whose will are they really carrying out.  Allah’s Supreme Will or their own inferior manly will?  Every Muslim will be forced to give account for their every action before Allah.  So will every Jew and every Christian.  Should we be certain that we are not challenging Allah’s Will?  Should we NOT be doing what Allah forbids (ie: forcing people to become Muslims)?  Should we honor and respect the FACT that it is Allah’s Will that we NOT all be of one faith for it would have been easy for Him to make us all of one faith.  But He chose not to and that is His Will.  IF we are TRUE MUSLIMS then we must respect, honor, and obey Allah’s Supreme Will and set aside our own.  Otherwise we have not fully submitted to Him and, again, we add more sin atop our heads which we will answer for come the Final Day.


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