Our True Jihad is Against Satan!

I heard a Christian pastor talking on a national talk show a few days ago and he said something very disturbing. He said Islam is being used to destroy Christianity by the global elites and he said after Christianity is destroyed the global elites would then destroy Islam. He went further and stated that the end goal of the global elites is to install worship of the State as the world’s official religion.

At first I thought here is just one more attempt to demonize Muslims and throw us all in one class, that being, that we are all radical Muslim terrorists. Just one more attack on the majority of Muslims trying to make them into something they are not and using us as scapegoats for the worlds problems, I thought. Someone needs to inform this pastor, Chuck Baldwin, that the MAJORITY of Muslims are NOT radicals and are NOT terrorists. And we don’t see our mission in life being to destroy Christianity either.

Islam is going through turmoil right now as all religions are, Christianity included. I believe the attacks on religion come from Satan and they are his last effort to destroy the faithful because he knows Judgment Day is coming and his time is short. What Muslims, Christians, and Jews are facing today is pure EVIL. It is an attack from demonic forces and people are being used as mouthpieces by devils. These devils are also influencing people to commit atrocities around the world. This, in my opinion, is JIHAD! And that Jihad is against Satan and his minions who desire to not only destroy Islam but also Judaism and Christianity. Humans are being used as masks or pawns to do Satans bidding but our fight is not against humans. Our Jihad is against Satan and his devils!

In battle it is very important for a soldier to keep his mind focused. Focused on who the enemy is and who the enemy is not. I strongly encourage my Muslim brothers and sisters as well as Christians and Jews to stay focused on who the REAL enemy is that our true Holy War is against and who it is not against. Satan (Shaitan) is the sworn enemy of all men and women. It is he who causes hatred and strive among us.

“The Shaitan only desires to cause enmity and hatred to spring in your midst…..and to keep you from the remembrance of Allah and your prayers. Will you then desist?”
Sura 5:91

“…surely Shaitan is an open enemy to man.”
Sura 12:5

Jihad means Holy War and Muslims, Christians, and Jews are in fact engaged in a holy war. Not with one another but against the evil and darkness of Satan and his devils! So let us keep focused on the TRUE ENEMY of ISLAM which is the SAME enemy of Christianity and Judaism! Yes, Satan is attempting to use all three faiths to destroy each other because his battle plan is to keep us all fighting against each other and never uniting against him. He sows discord among the People of the Book and Muslims in an effort to defeat us. Let us not allow this to happen. Let Muslims, Christians, and Jews deny him his victory!

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