The Truly Muslim Man

Selfishness and egotism are NOT traits of a truly Muslim man!  Playing the role of gangsta or terrorist are NOT traits of a truly Muslim man either!  True Muslims know that things such as egotism and selfishness are spiritual sicknesses and they want nothing to do with them.

Imran Abbas

Imran Abbas

The truly Muslim man lives the values of the Koran.  He just doesn’t think about them, talk about them,  or believe them.  He practices them daily in his own life.  Such a man is a man who strives to tame his earthly desires as he is one who works towards self discipline in body, in his thoughts, and in his emotions.  He is not selfish but self-LESS as he thinks of others and not only of himself.  He is a wise man and a man with dignity.  He is a man who acts with compassion and understanding not out of ignorance and unbridled emotion.  The truly Muslim man is the man who worships God without fear and in humbleness.  He seeks to teach and educate others in righteousness.  He takes care of himself and others as best he can within his means.  He is clean and dignified and respectful of others.  He is not materialistic.  His values include truth, justice, beauty, love, affection, compassion, and respect.  He seeks to liberate people who are oppressed and to raise up the spirits of those who are in despair.  He has a great love for God.

The truly Muslim man does NOT seek to impose himself or his will on others!  The idea of dominating others and disrespecting them is alien to him.  He responds to people’s needs and treats them with kindness and dignity.  He empathizes with others and treats the needy and less fortunate with respect and love not contempt and hate.  He is giving, merciful, and forgiving.  He does NOT seek to treat others with cruelty or selfishness.  He is good to his parents, relatives, and others.  He is not a man who sits around complaining and gossiping but is a man of action who gets things done the RIGHT way.  He is not vain or boastful about himself or his achievements in life.

The true Muslim man is one who is unafraid to talk to people.  He is trustful and trustworthy as his word is his bond, literally.  He does not use empty words but thinks before he speaks and every word he speaks is with intention.  He is one who KNOWS that Faith Perfects One’s Behavior!  He is a man of conscience and seeks to always behave his best being most considerate, trust inspiring, and tolerant.  His own personal example inspires others to be like him.  He is a man of merit and integrity and he works to free not enslave others.  He is altruistic, loving, and kind.  He is strong in body, mind, and spirit.  He knows he has the potential to be ruthless but he normally chooses to be firm and disciplined avoiding outrage and rage.  He knows himself to be a servant of the Lord.  He knows himself to be a Khalifa (Caliph) meaning a “representative of God Himself.”  He takes responsibility for himself, his actions, his words, and his feelings and avoids engaging in the “blame game.”

The true Muslim man honors life.  He does not go to and fro killing nor does he go to and fro berating others or putting them down for the sake of building himself up.  He knows his own strengths and weaknesses.  He is a man of honor not dishonor.  He has faith in God and seeks to do what is right in al things.  He does not associate with those that are not like him because he knows well the poison such people have and spread in the world today.  He is a man of common sense and does not argue endlessly with others.  He is a man who truly IS his brothers keeper!  He is a man who is extremely thankful to God even if he has but only a little.  He doesn’t hoard possessions but most often gives them away.  He is a man of conscience and one who shares freely and without conditions.

This is the truly Muslim man.  This is also the truly Muslim woman.  And this is also the true Christian and Jewish man or woman!  This is how God wants us to be.  He does NOT want us to be selfish, arrogant, or egotistical.  Those things are not only moral sickness but they are also spiritual sickness that destroys a society and the individual.  The TRUE BELIEVER whatever his or her faith has no use for egotism, arrogance, or selfishness!


Traits of the Truly Muslim Man—-

Lives the values of the Quran (love, compassion, mercy)
Self disciplined in body, mind, and spirit
Teaches others
Cares for self and others
Respectful of God and other people as well as self
Values truth, justice, beauty, love, affection, compassion, and respect
Seeks to liberate and not enslave people
Greatly loves God before all else
Does not seek to impose himself or his will on others unjustly
Responds to peoples needs
Treats others with dignity
Has compassion for the needy and weak
He is giving, forgiving, merciful
He is a good father and son
Doesn’t complain or engage in gossip
A man of action
Does not boast about himself
Unafraid to talk to people
His word is his bond
Strong in body, mind, and spirit
Firm and disciplined in his thoughts and actions
Knows he is a servant of God
Takes responsibility for his actions and himself
Avoids engaging in the blame game
Uses common sense
A man of conscience
Does the right thing
Has no tolerance for arrogance


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