Khalifs! That’s what we are suppose to be!

Allah (the Arabic name meaning “God,” the same God worshiped by Christians and Jews) created all life on Earth according to the Gospels, Quran, and Torah.  The climax of God’s masterpiece creation was the creation of human beings who were created in His image.  Thus human beings are given a special place in the creation and in the eyes of God and it would do us all well to take heed of that FACT and perhaps begin to act like it instead of trying to be the lowest common denominator that we can.

In the second chapter (sura) of the Quran, verse 30 we find something highly significant about humanity as we are given a special charge by God.  Here’s what that verse says:

“And when your Lord said to the angels, I Am going to place in the earth a Khalif, they said:
Will you place in it such as shall make mischeif in it and shed blood,
while we celebrate your praise and extol your Holiness?
He said, I know what you do not know.”
(Sura 2:30)

So what is a “Khalif”?  The term comes from the root word “khalafa: which means “came after or succeeded.”  It can also mean “representative.”  God gave humans stewardship over the earth creation.  We are suppose to be taking care of creation not pillaging her.  The Quran says that the faithful are khalifs.  The Gospels say the same thing only in the Gospels the term “ambassador” is used.  It says the faithful are “Ambassadors for Christ.” (2 Corinthians 5:20)  Thus, again, we are representatives of God and this is confirmed by both the Koran and the Gospels.  So why aren’t we acting like it?  This is a great and magnificent charge given to us by the Divine Himself.

When I think of a Khalif, Ambassador, or Viceroy I envision a person who has power, honor, integrity, and who engenders respect and admiration.  I envision such a person as a humble person not arrogrant or full of himself.  I also envision such a person as being absolutely loyal to his ruler who, in this case, is God Himself.  Further, in my mind such a person carries great responsibility and, thus, acts with wisdom and common sense as he/she is controlled by his intellect not his/her emotions.

This mandate from God that we be Khalifs or Ambassadors is nothing short of magnificent.  It is our mandate from our Creator.  We as the faithful are suppose to be conducting ourselves and our affairs knowing that we are God’s representatives on earth.  This carries great responsibility but how many of us take this seriously today?  God has given us a great responsibility to live up to.  Why are we not striving to live up to it?

As God’s representatives on Earth (Khalifs) He entrusted human beings to carry out his commands and live by His rules and laws.  God Himself entrusted us to be his representatives on Earth!  He believed that human beings were capable of carrying out that trust because human beings have the capacity to learn, to make choices, and to build (create things).  We have the ability to learn and accumulate wisdom and knowledge.  God expects that we use this wisdom and knowledge that we gain for GOOD not evil.  In the Koran, God’s first word to humans was “READ!”.  This was spoke to Adam by the Archangel Gabriel (Jibril) who spoke to the Prophet Muhammid (pbuh).  He repeated this word no less than three times. to confirm its importance to humanity!  And what happens when we read?  We learn, hopefully.  God wants us to LEARN!  God does not want us living in ignorance and darkness!  He wants us living in LIGHT and learning is in the LIGHT!

God gave humans free will and the ability to make choices.  Life doesn’t happen haphazardly.  Life is about CHOICES and we all make choices every second whether we realize it or not.  Problem today is that many live on “auto-pilot” making the same old, worn out, failed choices over and over again yet wondering why our lives are such disasters.  Life is about choices and God wants us to make right choices.  We can only do that by making CONSCIOUS CHOICES!

Notice in the above verse from the Koran that the angels were surprised when God told them He was making humans His Khalifs on Earth?  The angels were surprised at this because they knew about human corruption and violence.  Allah heard their protest be he went ahead and made humans his representatives on Earth while telling the angels that He knew what they did not know.  He knew that some humans would choose to be evil and corrupt and kill.  But He also knew that others would make the conscious choice to live by God’s Laws and do good.

Humans have the ability to know right from wrong, good from evil, light from darkness.  We have the ability to make choices both unconscious and conscious ones.  We have the ability to decide which path we will follow in our lives, good or bad, creative or destructive.  God has given each of us the freedom of choice and we must use that freedom responsibly.  God gave us all of these abilities because he had TRUST in us.  He believed in us!  He gave us great potential with the expectation that we would build that potential and display it.  Sadly, in today’s world God has been greatly disappointed in our failure to carry out this responsibility.  But we can change that and make God PROUD of us once again by making the CONSCIOUS CHOICE to be what God want us to be.   Will we do that?

God want us to build.  God wants us to explore our potential and build upon it so that we can truly become our highest level of being and, thus, truly become His representatives on Earth His Khalifs and Viceroys.  He wants us to learn from our past mistakes and the mistakes of those who came before us and NOT keep making the same mistakes again and again.  And most of all God wants us to take up our responsibilities as Khalifs and carry out the duties He has entrusted us with.  And what are those duties?  They are:

Believing in God
Doing good deeds
Giving thanks to God even in bad times not only good times
Proclaiming the blessings that God has given us in life
Being caretakers of the Earth creation of of one another
Not being corrupt or evil
Treating others with justice, compassion, mercy, and understanding
Having patience and endurance in all things
Being humble and self disciplined in body, in our thoughts, and in our emotions
Being faithful to God and to God alone

Somewhere along the line of creation we as human beings and as Khalifs MUST take up our God given responsibilities instead of ignoring them and pretending like they were never assigned to us.  Somewhere along the line we must as a species and as individuals begin to BE what GOD intended us to BE!  The question, of course, is WHEN!  When do we make the CONSCIOUS choice to BE ALL THAT WE CAN BE?  All that GOD want us to be!  When do we STOP listening to the evil in the world that prevents us from being our full potential as a species?  When do we stop catering to our selfish egos and start paying homage to our Creator?  When do we make the CONSCIOUS CHOICE to be a Khalif, Ambassador, Viceroy of the Divine?

How about NOW?


Dr. Muhammid Abbas Saladin Azari



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