Our God is One!


“Do not argue with the People of Scripture (People of the Book) (Jews, Christians, & Muslims) except in the nicest possible manner unless they transgress, and say, We believe in what has been revealed to us and in what was revealed to you, and our God and your God are one and the same; to Him we are Submitters (Muslims).”

[Quran 29:46]

Pope: Don’t let sadness win

Interfaith1Roman Catholic Pope Francis called on all humanity today not to allow sadness to win or prevail because of the many forms of violence we see in the world today.  He delivered his homily at St John in Lateran which is a Roman basilica in Rome.  The Pope went on to say, “We can’t let ourselves be overcome by weariness.  No form of sadness is allowed, even if we would have reason to, because of the many worries and multiple forms of violence which wound our humanity.”

The Pope’s homily is part of a ceremony of a special Church Holy Year emphasizing the importance of Mercy and Forgiveness.  Rather than being characterized by rigidity, Pope Francis is working to change the Church image to one of forgiveness and mercy.  The Holy Year officially began on December 8, 2015 and is calling it the Time of Great Pardon (Forgiveness).

The Pope is continuing to focus attention on those living in poverty and those otherwise marginalized in some way in society.  The Holy Year runs until November 20,2016.

Not only is is a duty for Christians to help the poor and marginalized and to forgive and have mercy but, it is also the duty of every True Muslim.  Allah demands in the Qur’an that we help the orphaned, widowed, and poor.  Allah is Forgiving and Merciful and He expects the Truly Faithful to also be because these are two values taught in the Qur’an that we are obliged to live daily.




God Points Out the Paths


God points out the paths, including the wrong ones.  If He will He could have guided ALL of you.

He sends down from the sky water for your drink, and to grow trees for your benefit.

With it, He grows for you crops, olives, date palms, grapes, and all kinds of fruits.

This is sufficient PROOF for people who think!”

(Sura al-Nahl 16: 9-11)




I will not allow those who have chosen evil,carnation

or those who have chosen to kill and slaughter,

to steal away my peace, my hope, and my joy

that I find in Allah!

I will not allow those who have chosen Iblis,

to define who I am

or to define my Islamic Faith!

I will not walk with my head,

bowed in shame!

Nor will I be ashamed

that I put my trust in Allah alone!

By living the morals and values,

as taught in God’s Word,

the Holy Qur’an,

I will strive to be a living examplecarnation

of those morals and values.

For, there is no better teacher,

than that of personal example!

I have put my trust in Allah alone,

and in Him I have put my trust.

I will not succumb to the hate in this world,

nor will I submit to those who have chosen Darkness over Light!


Praise be to God!

Lord of the Creation!

King of Judgment Day!

To you alone we worship,

and to you alone we pray for help.

Guide us in the Straight Path,

not of those who have incurred Your wrath,

nor of those who have gone Astray!

Our Trust, Hope, and Refuge


Affirmation:  I seek refuge in God from Iblis (Satan) the rejected!

Qur’an Teaching:  “When you read the Qur’an you shall seek refuge in Allah from Iblis the rejected.  He has no power over those who believe and trust in their Lord.  His power is limited to those who choose him as their master, those who choose him as their god.”  (Sura al-Nahl 16:98-100)

Commentary:  This is an important commandment from God to the Truly Faithful.  Salvation is attained  through God’s Message to us, the Qur’an, and Iblis (Satan) will do everything he can to keep us from being redeemed.  This is the reason for this commandment given by Allah to the Truly Faithful.

God is our only hope and He is our only refuge.  The Qur’an also teaches us, “In Allah, let the Faithful put their trust.”  To put our hope and trust in man or the materialism in this world is an error.  To seek refuge in man or this material world is also an error because for the Truly Faithful our only refuge is in Allah (God).  The biggest mistake people make today is putting their hope and trust in other people and this world.  Allah wants us to put our hope and trust in Him and He wants us to seek and find refuge in only Him.  In studying God’s Word, prayer, and faith we find refuge in Allah and this is why He wants the Truly Faithful to have as the foremost thought in our minds, Him.

This world is often an evil place and, sadly, many in the world today have put their trust not in Allah but in Iblis (Satan).  That is the reason we see so much evil in the modern world.  But, we should not be afraid because the Evil One only has power over those who have chosen him as their master.  The Evil One has NO POWER over the Truly Faithful because they have put their trust in Allah and in Allah they have found refuge and safety!  Remember this when you encounter hate-filled evil people in this world.



In True Islam Life IS Sacred!!

In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, Most Merciful!  

“You shall not kill any person,
for God has made life sacred!”
(Sura al-Isra 17:33)

masood_islamic_crescentOn this blog I have written many times before as to how the Holy Qur’an forbids Muslims from killing another human being save in the course of justice (capital punishment ordered by a court).  Once again I feel the need to write about this subject again and reference some MAJOR teaching in the Qur’an which forbid murder and which condone fighting in self-defense ONLY.

Sura al-Isra is the 17th chapter in the Qur’an and in this case I am sighting verse 33 which makes it clearer than clear that murder is wrong and a SIN.  How much more plain can it be that murder is wrong and sinful?  Life is sacred! The reason life is sacred is because God (Allah) has created all life and everything that Allah has created is sacred to the True Muslim, True Christian, True Jew, True Buddhist, and others!

Sadly today we see those who have hijacked Islam and who commit atrocities in Allah’s Name killing innocent people be it by terror attacks or suicide bombers (suicide is also a sin strongly condemned by the Qur’an).  Taking ANY human life except in the course of justice (capital punishment by a court) if absolutely FORBIDDEN in the teachings of the Qur’an!  It is for this very reason that those who commit acts of terrorism are clearly NOT True Muslims but are EVIL PEOPLE who are attempting to justify their own hatred and actions by using God’s Name (which in itself is yet another sin, frankly).  Even in the course of justice capital punishment is discouraged by the Qur’an!  As True Muslims we should use capital punishment as a last resort.  Sadly, what we are seeing today being committed by evil people in the Name of Islam and Allah is just the OPPOSITE of what the Qur’an teaches and of what True Muslims believe!  ANYONE can commit ANY ACT in the name of God by whatever name they call Him.  BUT that does NOT make that person a True Muslim or a True anything else!!

Contrary to popular MIS-conception Islam does NOT teach violence, murder, or suicide!  In FACT, the Qur’an forbids aggression!  In the Quranic teachings fighting is ONLY permitted in SELF-DEFENSE.  God (Allah) does NOT love the aggressor and the Qur’an makes this too absolutely clear in several Suras.  Over and over again God repeats in the Qur’an that He does NOT love the aggressors and that we are NOT to be aggressors!  ONLY is a True Muslim is attacked by an aggressor are we allowed to fight back in self-defense.  Further, if the enemy offers peace we are commanded by Allah in the Qur’an to STOP fighting.

All aggressors have evil selfish goals and they will do anything to achieve those goals EVEN using the name of God to Carnation-China-Rosejustify their horrors and sins!  But, just because they use the name of Allah to commit their terror acts does NOT make them True Muslims.  In fact, it doesn’t make them Muslims at all period!  What it makes them is hypocrites and Allah detests the hypocrites more than any others.  The fact is people who are aggressors and who engage in terror acts are EVIL people who have lost The Way and The Path.  They are blindly following Iblis (Satan) and they don’t even know it.  Satan will do anything to turn people away from the True Path of God.  ANYTHING!  Think about how many people the terrorists have turned away from God by their own actions already and how many more they will turn away from God by their continued actions.  And you don’t think they aren’t going to be held accountable for their terror acts and turning away people from Allah on the Judgment Day?  Think again!

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God Brings Peace and Security not Fear!


[Sura 24:55]  GOD promises those among you who believe and lead a righteous life, that He will make them sovereigns on earth, as He did for those before them, and will establish for them the religion He has chosen for them, and will substitute peace and security for them in place of fear. All this because they worship Me alone; they never set up any idols beside Me. Those who disbelieve after this are the truly wicked.

It is time for the God-fearing, silent majority of Muslims to speak up against the injustice done to true Islam, Submission to God’s will—the religion of strict monotheism: The religion of Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad and all messengers and believers.

(Source:  Submitters Perspective Newsletter, Masjid Tucson, April 2011, Vol 27, No. 4, Tucson, AZ, USA)